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Welcome to, your Maryland source for Chesapeake Bay fishing maps. This site is owned and operated by Maryland natives – not a national map company. With decades of first-hand experience on the Bay and 15 years of mapping experience, we use advanced mapping techniques to bring you unique visualizations of the Bay’s depths.

3D Fishing Maps
3D bathymetric images combined with information from traditional NOAA charts offer a unique perspective of your favorite fishing areas. Visit our Products page to see a listing of areas available. $14.95

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Fishing is one of the many enjoyable outdoor activities that people get to enjoy with their family and friends. Some go out for fishing in lake water; while others go for salt water. Fishing is not only an enjoyable activity, but it is also a learning experience. It enables you to improve your patience as you need to wait patiently to be able to get a good catch. Fishing is a challenging one, especially when you are in a deal, among your friends, who will catch a fish first. Fun, learning and challenge – all these in one.
When you go out for fishing, you should also be prepared. Unless you bring everything you need out there, your fishing experience will be a disaster. You will miss the fun, you will lose your patience and you will eventually quit the challenge. Aside from the food and the fishing gear, one of the most important things that you should prepare is the fishing map. More than anything else, you should have a guide about the good fishing areas in your locality and in the place where you want to go fishing. The fishing map provides the details you need such as best fishing areas, whether in lake water or salt water; the safety hazards; the fishing territories; the best time to go fishing; and among others. So, before you go out and have fun, make sure to buy one very important tool which is the fishing map.
There are many good places where you can buy the fishing map that you need. Here are two best options you can choose from.
Local Fishing Stores
Stores that sell fishing supplies most likely have fishing maps as well. So, go around your place and find fishing stores. Inquire about their prices and see if the maps are of good quality. The best fishing maps that you could use are the ones that are water-resistant. When you are in your boat, you would not think about whether your map gets wet or not since it is already protected from water. There are many fishing stores that sell maps at affordable prices. So, explore your place and find the best map that suits your needs. If you visit other towns for fishing, you could ask natives there where you could find fishing stores that sell fishing maps.
Online Stores
Nowadays, you could already get everything you need online. If you could go shopping online for your favourite dress, furniture, books and other stuff, you could also buy your fishing map with just the use of your computer and internet connection. There are already a lot of online fishing stores that you can choose from. Just search for fishing stores, browse their websites and shop. There are also android applications online that you can avail if you want to use high-tech gadgets while you go out fishing.
Once your fishing map is ready, along with your other fishing gear, you are now prepared enough. Enjoy and get a good catch.

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